Electromagnetic Compatibility - EMC
Innovative devices for EMC


     A first paper might give interesting ideas for the design of exotic protection systems against surges:

[B46] F. Broydé, E. Clavelier, "Dispositifs de protection filaire innovants pour une protection contre les perturbations de forte amplitude", actes du 10ième colloque international et exposition sur la CEM, Clermont-Ferrand 14-16 mars 2000, pp. 413 à 418.

     The picture on the right shows a prototype of a wire protection device built according to the principle of the schematics of figure 7 of this paper: we can make out the two 175 A thyristors, and the control circuits.

     For the measurement of the characteristics of screened rooms, and the continuous monitoring of their performances, we have developped the VIG 3 system. Downloading the VIG 3 brochure (Adobe Acrobat file, 218 kB), which indicates interesting approaches on these questions.

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