Electrical interconnections
Interfaces for differential links

     The following article describes two balanced-input current-sensing differential amplifiers, intended to be used as differential line receivers for high-speed links.

[B84] F. Broydé, E. Clavelier, "Two new balanced-input current-mode differential receivers for high-speed links", Proceedings of the 9th IEEE International NEWCAS conference, NEWCAS 2011, Bordeaux, June 26-29, 2011, pp. 329-332.

     These balanced-input current-sensing differential amplifiers are disclosed in the following patent application:

[P49] International application PCT/IB2011/052213 of 20 May 2011 (WO 2011/161563), Balanced-input current-sensing differential amplifier. Inventors: Frédéric Broydé & Evelyne Clavelier. Priority: French patent application 10/02662 of 25 June 2010.

     At the opposite end of the frequency range of differential signals, we have introduced a differential line receiver for audio signals. It is intended to be used in professional audio systems where it is important to use analog input stages having a high dynamic range and a high common mode rejection. Such a receiver is described in the following patent:

[P24] French patent application 02 07888 of 25 June 2002, Procédé et dispositif pour la réception de signaux différentiels avec une forte réjection du mode commun. Inventors: Frédéric Broydé & Evelyne Clavelier.

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