Maintaining and upgrading

     Keeping electronic equipment and systems in operational order may become increasingly difficult as years go by, because:

     However, maintaining or upgrading equipment is often the best option for expensive equipment or system, especially when newer equipment would have to undergo a long qualification procedure, or when re-training operators with new equipment is not desired or feasible. This is often the case with specialised industrial equipment, and avionics or military systems. There are essentially three maintenance options:

  1. Continue corrective maintenance operations.
  2. Undertake preventive maintenance starting with a complete overhaul, followed (optionally) by scheduled maintenance and/or calibration.
  3. Undertake an upgrade in order to obtain new characteristics (the upgrade is often intended to exceed initial performance, achieve a low maintenance time and obtain the lowest possible cost of ownership).

     Excem has a long experience of such activity and offers all three options. We emphasize that few companies offer our range of upgrade options. We have developed highly specialized and effective expertise and appropriate design and work procedures in this field. Our services may for instance include :

     We have gained experience in doing such work on radio transmitters, radars, measurement apparatus, ancillary equipment (power supply units, test benches, calibration systems and the like), whatever their age, country of origin, and the amount and accuracy of technical documentation available.

     This is why we have an expertise in the art of maintaining and upgrading electronic systems.

     Upgrading is often carried out to improve the following characteristics:

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