Radio transmission
Presentation of the paper [B79]

[B79] F. Broydé, E. Clavelier, "Signal and noise analysis of an MIMO-SSFA", IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. II: Express Briefs, Vol. 56, No. 6, June 2009, pp. 439-443.

Downloading the document as a .pdf file (256 kB) and keep in mind that it is best to use the "Article" function of Adobe Acrobat! Information on the "Article" function. This document is subject to the Copyright of Excem and of the IEEE.

     Please note that we are not responsible for the horrible spelling "an MIMO-SSFA". It was introduced by a staff editor of the IEEE, without informing the authors, after the proof had been revised.

    This article contains a typo: in page 441, in the Figure 2, "lossless two-port" should be replaced twice with "noiseless four-port". The correct figure is shown on the right.

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