Electrical interconnections
Presentation of the paper [B92]

[B92] F. Broydé, E. Clavelier, L. Broydé, "A Direct Current Per-Unit-Length Inductance Matrix Computation Using Modified Partial Inductances", Proc. of the CEM 2012 Int. Symp. on Electromagnetic Compatibility (16ème colloque international sur la compatibilité électromagnétique - CEM 2012), Rouen, France, April 2012, session 2C.

Downloading the document as a .pdf file (260 kB) and keep in mind that it is best to use the "Article" function of Adobe Acrobat! Information on the "Article" function. This document is subject to the Copyright of Excem.

     Please note that, in the second line of (23), the constant should be 0.303321 instead of 0.172615. Also, in the conclusion, μ0 ln b / (2π) means (μ0 / (2π)) ln b.

     The results of the paper [B92] have been later used by other authors and researchers, for instance in the articles:

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