Radio transmission
Presentation of the paper [B68]

[B68] F. Broydé, E. Clavelier : "Taking advantage of mutual coupling in radio-communication systems using a multi-port antenna array", IEEE Antennas & Propagation Magazine, Vol. 49, No. 4, August 2007, pp. 208-220.

Downloading the document as a .pdf file (1290 kB) and keep in mind that it is best to use the "Article" function of Adobe Acrobat! Information on the "Article" function. This document is subject to the Copyright of Excem and of the IEEE.

   This paper contains at least one typo: in the first sentence of the section 8, one should read "... 1880 MHz presenting a 0.424 λ = 68 mm spacing between...", instead of "... 1880 MHz presenting a 0.424 λ = 27 mm spacing between...". This correction was published in "Correction", IEEE Antennas & Propagation Magazine, Vol. 49, No. 5, October 2007, p. 182. Downloading the correction as a .pdf file (27 kB).

     The results of the paper [B68] have later been used by other authors and researchers, for instance in the articles:

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